Big Data Architecture

Need help with Big Data Architecture consulting?   Interested in Hadoop Stack, Spark, Hbase, Cassandra, Kafka, or similar technologies?  Contact us!

Machine Learning / Data Science

Interested in having an outside expert look at your data?  My academic research area was in Machine Learning and I specialize in machine learning at scale. I work with Tensorflow, Spark ML, scikit-learn, python, and R.  Let me have a look and let you know how I can assist your data science team in generating big insights.

Skills Development

Prefer to have your own staff learn rather than have a consultant do the work for you?  I can do seminars, training, technical mentorship, and other knowledge transfer services to make your staff as knowledgeable as possible.

Big Data = Big Challenges

Small-data analytics and machine learning doesn't always scale.  Sampling your data is leading to missed opportunities.    It's best to keep scalability in mind as you perform your data science workflow.

Skills Shortage?

Everyone agrees that AI and Machine Learning are the future of software development and data analysis.  Finding someone who knows this stuff can be a real challenge.   The solution: invest in the staff you already have, but bring in a technical leader who can train and support what your staff is doing.

Next Steps...

Contact us so we can discuss your needs and ways we can help.