Our Approach

Perhaps you've heard about Big Data, Machine Learning, or Artificial Intelligence and wonder how it could help your business.  Perhaps you think that you don't have a Big Data problem right now.   We specialize in helping businesses assess their Data needs, and learn how Machine Learning can help revolutionize their data assets.

Our Story

We started working with Deep Learning on Big Data all the way back in 2010.   We developed deep learning models for large scale anaylsis of geophysical data of the Earth's crust.   Since then, we've focused on performing data science and machine learning at scale for many businesses.

Meet the Team

Who is behind CreaTek Solutions?  A bit about us.

Tim Fox

Vice President

Tim's work as a consultant has spanned four continents as he's worked on taking machine learning and AI to Big Data scale.

Next Steps...

Interested in talking about your Big Data needs, or would you like a seminar or training to become more fluent in the technology yourself?  Contact us here.