Big Data Architecture Consulting

Years into the Big Data transition, a majority of Big Data projects still fail in enterprises.  It doesn't have to be this way.  We can help you with Big Data best practices and our years of experience.

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Machine Learning

"More Data Usually Beats Better Algorithms."   AI has transformed in the era of Big Data, but few enterprises really have the skills and experience to take advantage.   That's where we come in. We'd like to help you in using your data to its fullest potential with Deep Learning, predictive analytics, and more.

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Skills Development

After your data itself, your technical skill capital is your organization's most valuable asset.   A good consultant can develop your company's skill capital to make you a leader in this technical space.

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Ride the Wave

Software is fundamentally changing.  The new paradigm is heavily data-driven software incorporated Machine Learning and AI technologies.

Companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook have shown the way, but AI technology is by no means reserved for these tech pioneers.  In fact, technology is in many ways even more transformational for more traditional enterprises.

We bring a wealth of experience with technologies such as Tensorflow, Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra, Kafka, and more.  We are able to bring these technologies together to deliver solutions to our customers.

What's more, we can help productionize applications.   While we love showing insights in Jupyter notebooks, even better is when those notebooks be the window into a production-class application running at scale.


We feel that the first step is to understand the technologies.  That's why we recommend holding seminars with your technical staff to help them understand the power of this new generation of technologies.  Then, work with us to architect and implement a transformation of your company's data practice.


Next Steps...

Contact us about next steps.  Would you like us to give a presentation to your staff?